Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little kid using the suzuki method

proud big sister

So over the thanksgiving break I was around my family...ofcourse, and I was able to be around my little brothers and sister. All my siblings play instruments, and my youngest brother who is currently 7 years old, started to play the cello, it this weekend I heard him play for the 1st time. And when he picked up his bow and placed it on the string with so much grace, and started playing simple suzuki tunes, I wanted to cry because it sounded pretty decent for a beginner. It brought me back to my early child hood when I first learned how to play. Always so eager to practice with out complaint because I was determined to be a great musician. Sometimes I wonder where I lost my drive and passion for it....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i know I am young gifted and black

I always believe that my generation of african americans take a lot of things for granted, and may sometimes take our present situations in not in the light of a blessing but as a curse. I really do not know what is more beautiful than being young, because no one can ever take our youth away but ourselves. And to ensure out our youth we as a people must continue to take care of ourselves by not being substance abusers, staying in violent relationships, and to participate in criminal activiites. Those are some of the problems that black people have and it really takes a way our youth, purity and our soul.
And to be gifted... I truly do believe everyone has a gift, it is really up to that individual to take their gifts and use to their advntage in a positive way. You do no have to be a drug dealer or con artist to be a businees man. Ladies, we should not have to use our sexuallity as a way to get what we "think" we want. Sometimes having a certain gift does not ensure the things that may appear right to us, sometimes our purpose is not always for us, it could be for someone else.
But to be black...what an honor. Black people are indeed one of the strongest people on this earth. We suffered (as well as in the suffering process) of genocide, being stripped and raped from our true heritage, being conformed into what others think is right, and experiencing self hatred. However, despite all the negative, I beleive blacks still find the way, even though it sometimes it may seem hard to be true to one self, but still have to cater to what others think should be acceptable. But as a black woman, I feel as though nothing can stop me.

nina again

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i jus love me some johnny

I love myself some jonh legend, like I remeber when i first heard him singing on kanye west hooks, and hearing baby I use to love you when I was in highschool and jus listening to his voice just made me wonder, maybe johnny is the man for me. So I posted up one of his recent works called "goodmorining", and there are no words that litterally explain how I feel about this song. One, i alwyas say goodmorning to people, even when its no longer morning...(something my and I started doin in highschool, and we never stop doing it). And 2, do you hear these lyrics, why wouldn't you want to start your morning without being next to the one you love, and it does not have to be in a boyfriend or girlfriend kissy poo poo type of shyt. Like just waking up in the morning next to your dog or cat, or watever... or just waking up in the morning and being joyful...thats what I want, to wake up to sweet happiness, no problems, no stress, no hassles.

goodmorning to music

Monday, November 17, 2008

reaction to like a dream

chrisette michelle is a more recent jazz singer that I truly beleive knows the meaning of a true love song. Her voice is different from the typical r&b singers of today and i think that it makes her music more soothing and pure. Like a dream is a beautiful song that I bassically listen to kind of reminds me of "good morning" by john legend, almost its prelude

like a dream

Monday, November 10, 2008

sometimes i really think I fall in love to easily

reflection on billie holliday's strange fruit

When I was 11 years old I heard the song strange fruit on my grandfather's record player, and i really did not know what the song was about, but I knew it had something to do with death because the music was somewhat depressing. But that I am older, and I have a better understanding of the lyrics, I realized the "strange fruit" was black...african american dead bodies hanging off trees as if they were fruit. And the word play used in these lyrics just amazes me, and the history behind the lyrics of the song brings me to an understanding and somewhat of a confusion at a time. This song is apart of american history...not just black history, because when are black people are going to be classified other than americans, why do we have to distinguish our race within our own country and culture. But going back to the history of the lyrics, "strange fruit" was poem written by a jewish teacher who goes by the name Lewis Allen, and this was his reflection on how blacks were being treated in the south. And he wanted it to be a song, and somehow Billie Holliday was asked to sing it, but she was afraid for her career because during this time for her to sing about the political and civil rights issues would be risky for her career. But she sang the song anyways, and it one her best known pieces that she has performed, and it was said that every time she performed it she cried at the end.
Another reason why I decided to mention this song is because how people sometimes neglect the importance of the civil rights movement, it was not that long ago when many whites did not see the significance of black person's life, and now we have a black president. If it was not for the struggles of african american societies, the pain, the blood shed, tears, and lets not forget the music that got my people through these hard times, Obama would not be the president today.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

reaction to misty

Misty is one of my favorite long songs, and every time I hear it i think of my boyfriend because he makes me misty. jazz long songs I beleve are the most genuine love songs written by black artisit becaues they do not glorify sex and money in their lyrics. They emphasize the beauty of love with your signiifcant other, and how precious it can be to be in love. And sometimes a person can be so caught up in loving a person that they do not recognize the big things but the see the little things. But I really enjoy "Misty", it just reminds me how sharing your emotional, intellectual and maybe physical side with another person can be beautiful.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008