Tuesday, September 30, 2008

it has to start somewhere

when i was a small child i realized there were not a lot of black ballet dancers, and it was not like they did not exist, its just i have never met one. Being a black ballet dancer and to continue this art is something way harder then what people may think. In my situation, I took ballet classes in predominantly white dance schools, where it was important to have this particular body size. My school emphasized that you had to have a long torso, long legs, the arch in the foot, small boobs, no BUTT...NO HIPS....the looks that i did not have.

But I knew other professional black dancers had it worst, and they had the body type. Raven Wilkinson was the first black american dancer hired in the 1950s by a major ballet company in america. The obstacles that she faced was ridiculous. She was kicked out of a hotel because someone realized that she was black, and hunted down by a mob of Ku Klux Klan because they did not want a black female dancing in the performance hall. But one thing that Raven received from her colleges, that I never received as a dancer, was support. The dancers that she worked with were always by her side, and tried to snitch on her because she was a passing negro. But if I had half of her talent, maybe my fellow dancing classmates would not give me a hard time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watching another terrible movie

Today I was out with one of my highschool friends to go and see a movie called "house bunny". Not only was this movie stupid, but it was dramatically corny. There was not one thing about this movie that I could naturally relate to. The movie was about this play boy bunny who was tricked into leaving the playboy bunny house by another house mate. As this poor little bunny was out in the streets looking for a place to stay, she decided to become a house mother at this sorority house. The house belong to this group of girls who where considered"college rejects". These select girls were often teased and ridiculed by there peers, which seemed a little immature for a group of college students. So this playboy bunny decided to turn these "geeky girls" into fashionable co eds. So the girls went from geek to chic, and they started becoming popular, and blah blah blah. Sometimes i wonder if movie makers really enjoying creating significantly corny comedic movies. And this movie was just to predictable, what ever happen to the suspense, or movies that have me hanging by the edge of my seat. I really feel that film industry should not limit the creative content of a funny movie. Sometime putting an satirical intellectual twist would do a lot of comedies some good, and give it some depth.