Friday, December 5, 2008

its my therapy

music is really a comfort zone to me. yesterday i got in an incident wif my room mate, and it got really out of control i needed back up..It was a very stressful moment in my life and i wish ladies would act like they have class instead of just announcing it all the time. But I swear, the moment i put on my bob marley play list, my life jus did not seem that bad....even when it really iz. Like everything iz going to be alright, becuz these problemz are temporary, god will not put more on my plate that I can not handle... I just need to appreciate the small thingz, or the good stuff that iz going my way, but time will tell how bad my problemz really are.

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H. Bentley said...

i agree with you 100 percent. it seems like when ever your down or in any situation, music is like that comfront zone. it kinda takes you into your own world of peace.