Friday, December 5, 2008

its my therapy

music is really a comfort zone to me. yesterday i got in an incident wif my room mate, and it got really out of control i needed back up..It was a very stressful moment in my life and i wish ladies would act like they have class instead of just announcing it all the time. But I swear, the moment i put on my bob marley play list, my life jus did not seem that bad....even when it really iz. Like everything iz going to be alright, becuz these problemz are temporary, god will not put more on my plate that I can not handle... I just need to appreciate the small thingz, or the good stuff that iz going my way, but time will tell how bad my problemz really are.

Monday, December 1, 2008

why cant we all say goodbye like this???

YES... i do hate to say good bye....but in a way I don't. But I wish I could say goodbye to everything like this, its a littl cute, a little corny, and yet too classy.

And another reason why I love this song so much because, I remember when my parents use to put me and my brothers to bed early when they had their parties and socail gatherings. We would try to stick around and act is if we were entertaiment and the life of the party when we were just bad azz little kids. I use to crack out my violin and my little brother d jean would "try" to by my accompanist on the piano, it was cute though, because it did not sound bad...but a little unrehearsed.

This jazzy christmas tune from charlie brown's christmas special iz indeed one of my favorite peices. My younger brother who is currently 17 years, and a senior in highscool is trying to prepare to play this song on his bass with the other seniors within his music class, and I know it will sound like this, or maybe even better.

so the semester iz coming to an end

I am so happy that the fall 2008 is finally coming to an end, and this school semester has brought great stress, and now its leaving, praise god. So I have decided to post up some songs that remind me of when things come to an end, maybe some christmas jams that I love so much...nothing to corny, but somewhat classy...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little kid using the suzuki method

proud big sister

So over the thanksgiving break I was around my family...ofcourse, and I was able to be around my little brothers and sister. All my siblings play instruments, and my youngest brother who is currently 7 years old, started to play the cello, it this weekend I heard him play for the 1st time. And when he picked up his bow and placed it on the string with so much grace, and started playing simple suzuki tunes, I wanted to cry because it sounded pretty decent for a beginner. It brought me back to my early child hood when I first learned how to play. Always so eager to practice with out complaint because I was determined to be a great musician. Sometimes I wonder where I lost my drive and passion for it....